Immediate and Professional Moving Services in Portage, IN

Best Moving Services in Portage

Portage, Indiana, is just 45 minutes southeast of Chicago and an hour from South Bend. Home to West Beach and Ogden Dunes, Portage provides residents and visitors alike proximity to beautiful Lake Michigan. Portage is also home to innovative businesses like Green Sense Farms and local favorites like Big Time Burgers & Brew. Beyond its businesses, Portage is home to residents who love their community. And when it’s time for these residents to move, they turn to Immediate Movers

Complete Moving Services in Portage, Indiana

There’s already so much to do when it’s time to move. Why not let the experts handle the heavy lifting? Immediate Movers trains the most professional and friendly movers. Our team is equipped to handle all of your moving needs, including

  • Full service moving: Full service moving is for individuals and families with a lot of stuff to move and not a lot of time to move it. You pack your boxes, and we’ll load them into our own truck, meet you at your new home or space and unload them for you. 
  • Loading/unloading: If you have your own vehicle or trailer for your items, loading and unloading is the service for you. Pack your items into boxes, and our team will load and unload them into your vehicle or trailer. Save your back (and neck) from the pain of moving!
  • Extra heavy items: Extra heavy items, like granite, stone or marble furniture, require special tools and a big team to move them safely. Immediate Movers is here to move these extra heavy items for you.
  • Specialty items: Some items are just special, like arcade games, pool tables and pianos. These items require special tools and multiple movers. Our team is trained to move these items without damaging the items or themselves. 

What Moves Us

We know how stressful but fulfilling a new move can be. It’s our goal to make moving as easy and pain-free as possible for residents across northwest Indiana. Immediate Movers has provided professional and friendly moving services in Portage, since 2015. 

Whether you’re navigating stairs with your treasured china or dealing with the hectic weather near the lake, you can rest assured that Immediate Movers will make the moving process simple. We don’t charge for mileage or fuel, and we bring all of the necessary equipment. Check out what our customers are saying about our team!

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Are you ready to get moving? Call Immediate Movers at 574-213-5203. Our friendly staff is happy to help you determine the best plan and moving services for you.