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5 Ways To Make The Most of Small Living Spaces

Tiny living is trending right now, and for good reasons. Smaller homes and apartments are cozier, often cost less and quickly feel like home. But living in a small space can present a few challenges. Storage, decor and more make a difference when you live in a tiny place. Below, the Immediate Movers team provides five helpful tips to make the most of small living spaces.

small space optimized

Optimize a Small Space

Take advantage of vertical space.

In an ample space, it’s alright to have your belongings placed on the floor where you can spread them out. But in a smaller area, it’s crucial to look upward. Your walls are a great place to hang photos and artwork, but you can also use them for storage. Consider getting wall-mounted shelves, bookcases or leaning shelves to store your nicknacks, plants, books and other miscellaneous items. You can also mount your TV to the wall, so there’s more space below it for game consoles and other items.

Make sure your decor works for your space.

Sometimes our decor can detract from our space. For example, darker colors tend to make rooms feel smaller, and lots of photos, canvases and posters can make the room feel loud or busy. So instead, opt for brighter and neutral-colored walls, lighter curtains that let sunlight in and prints or canvases that tell an interconnected story. Rugs are also a great way to add character to your space while not taking up any room you need for other things.

Store your clutter strategically.

When you live in a small space, it seems like clutter is hard to avoid – and harder to hide! But clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. So store your small items in a bin or closet so that you and your visitors can’t see them, and your room will feel more open and organized. Or use colorful or patterned totes or bins that can serve as storage and decor. 

Make use of functional furniture.

Functional furniture provides storage space in addition to the furniture’s standard function. For example, certain bedframes have drawers for storing clothes and other items. Some bookcases can also function as a TV stand, while a bar cart in your kitchen can hold your microwave and coffee maker on top while storing crockpots and other less-used appliances below. 

Consider what you (actually) need.

Is a 6-person dining table essential? Do you need a futon for guests? Is your coffee table really used that often? Sometimes, we keep things that we rarely use. But when it comes to small spaces, this can present a few challenges – namely taking up space we could use for other, practical things. Furniture that we only use once or twice a year isn’t necessarily worth the amount of space it takes up. Downsizing some of your oversized furniture or removing unnecessary pieces might be the right choice for your home. 

Is it Time for a Bigger Space?

These tips can help make a small space feel bigger. But if it’s time to get a bigger space for you or your family, contact the team at Immediate Movers. Our professional and friendly staff is here to help you move to the home of your dreams.