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Locally owned and operated, Immediate Movers & Storage is proud to offer exceptional moving services that are customizable to meet your needs.

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Services we provide

Local Moving

Whether it’s a studio apartment, a multi-bedroom home, or a business facility that needs to be relocated, our local movers have years of experience under their belts.

Residential Moving

If you dream of working with the best residential movers, choose Immediate Movers & Storage. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to provide you with a seamless moving experience.

Commercial Moving

We understand that commercial moves require special planning, organization, and execution – and we are here to ensure your move runs smoothly.

Piano Moving

At Immediate Movers & Storage, we specialize in piano moving. Our experienced team uses top-of-the-line technology and techniques to ensure that your piano is cared for during the relocation.

Specialty Items Moving

Our specialty movers are dedicated to making your move as stress-free and seamless as possible. We look forward to helping you move those precious items that mean so much to you.

Loading and Unloading Moving Services

We offer loading and unloading services for customers who need extra muscle during their move. Our experienced team will carefully cargo-load or unload your belongings.

Full Service Moving

We offer a full range of moving services designed to enhance your experience. We convert your move into a stress-free and convenient process.

Extra Heavy Items Moving

We provide experienced technicians who are specially trained in the safe loading, transportation, and unloading of extra heavy items, such as furniture, appliances, and others.

Safe Moving

Our team of experts is trained to handle these heavy and delicate items with the utmost care. We use specialized equipment to ensure that your safe is moved without any damage.



You can expect nothing but the best when you choose Immediate Movers & Storage as your Indiana movers. Our experienced movers are equipped to handle all types of moves quickly and efficiently.

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Our services are comprehensive and exceptional, and our reputation for excellence has been hard-won. Contact us today and experience the immediate relief of working with the best Michigan movers.

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Immediate Movers & Storage is the fastest and most reliable moving company in Illinois. Our staff is friendly and professional, prepared to move you quickly.

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Many reasons to Choose us

Locally owned and operated, Immediate Movers & Storage is proud to offer exceptional moving services that are customizable to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for labor-only or full-service help, we can make moving day as easy and stress-free as possible.
We believe in providing exceptional customer service and in offering our services for a fair price.
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    No Hidden fees - Completely honest payment process

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    Highly Skilled - Years of outstanding moving experience

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    Licensed and insured - Worry-free service

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    100% Client Satisfaction - We're the most reasonable and trustworthy

Financing Options - Move Now, Pay Later with 0% Interest Financing

Our Clients


David and Luke could not have made the move any easier. They were on time, personable, and professional.Appreciate how efficient they did the job while taking care of the times they moved.
John C.
Tyler, Mitch and David were very professional, courteous and efficient, and they treated our furnishings and our home with respect as if it were their own!
Geeky B.
Micheal S, Owen and Luke did an excellent job moving my items from my condo to storage. I was very impressed by their professionalism and speed. Thank you!
Antonia M.
Tyler H. and Connor N. did a fantastic job for me. Very pleasant and polite, in addition to being thorough but efficient. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience.
Cheryl P.
They donated a bed to me! It's appreciated more than I'm sure they realize. Excellent customer service!
Judy H.
The one thing that stands out, everyone came to me when they arrived and introduced themselves and were eager to get started. It's a blessing to have such a great crew that works together so well.The crew we had yesterday did an outstanding job. Your crew leader Michael, is just that. He lead by example. Tyler H. and Cam H. both stand up leaders taking on roles of how to get the job done in an efficient manner. Mitchell B. hustled his butt off inside the back of the truck, tackling everything coming off the lift gate as if he was playing the game Tetris. Cody G., Edward and Owen, were all a great, assisting and lending an extra set of hands where needed. This crew went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks guys.
Scott G.
These guys did a wonderful job moving our family’s belongings. Anakin and Mitch made sure our stuff was secured and transported safely. Would recommend to anyone.
Raul M.
Tyler & Edward were great. Got the job done fast & efficiently. Even emptied my car. Would definitely recommend.
Michele D.
Tyler H and Andrew H provided excellent service. They were efficient, kind, and mindful throughout the whole process! I was able to schedule this move within a week, and they were able to accommodate my immediate needs. Cannot recommend them enough! Thank you much!
Jill M.
Oncue Mover of the Month October 2022

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Our Team


Frequently Asked Questions

How much advance notice do you need to book my move?

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There is no limit on how much notice is required. We accept moves as soon as next-day to same-day depending on our availability. However, we do recommend booking your move as far in advance as possible to get a spot on the calendar, even if you don’t know the exact date yet.

What if I need to cancel/reschedule my moving appointment?

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You can cancel/reschedule your appointment with Immediate Movers & Storage at any time. To receive a refund for the deposit, it must be done with at least 72 hours’ notice.

Do items with drawers need to be emptied before moving them?

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We politely ask that you empty out your drawers before moving day. Moving all those hefty furniture pieces on their own is hard enough when empty, but moving heavy furniture can be treacherous when they are full with clothing or other items. This can cause items to become shuffled around if the furniture needs to be tipped or turned over to maneuver, and can even weaken or damage legs/feet.

How can I minimize moving expenses?

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We advise planning your move as early as possible. Your moving options will be more flexible the more time you have to select a time and date that work for you. As a general rule, contact us no later than two weeks prior to the desired move date.

When is the ideal time to schedule my move?

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Your preferences, financial situation, and personal requirements ultimately determine this decision. You’ll probably spend less money moving in the late fall, early winter, or early spring.

How can I tell if I'm hiring a broker or a moving company?

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A broker is a company that arranges the transportation of your cargo, utilizing for-hire carriers to provide the labor and transportation. Moving brokers are sales teams that book your move and sell it to an actual moving company, often times resulting in additional hidden costs since they take a commission from the sale. A moving broker is NOT a mover.

Do movers usually get tipped?

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Moving is a difficult job, and a tip is a much-appreciated reward for great performance, but not required. In our experience, tipping can vary greatly by move type and customer. Generally customers tip around $5-$10 per mover per hour depending on the service provided.



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