Specialty Items

Specialty items Moving Services

You’re excited about your big move. Your business or homelife is ready for the change. But getting all of your special items to your new space can be stressful. The professional moving team at Immediate Movers has the expertise, strength, and tools needed to make it easier. Trust our team to move your specialty items safely, from pool tables to office printers.

specialty items moving piano
Carefully Covering and Wrapping Items

Moving Specialty Items for Your Business or Home

Some items are extra heavy and require extra heavy moving services. But some items are just unwieldy and require lots of extra care. For these we offer specialty items moving. If you’re moving your man cave or your business, you likely have some specialty items that need a professional moving team. 

Some of the specialty items our team moves are:

  • Pottery kilns
  • Commercial printers
  • Arcade games
  • Pool tables
  • Pianos
  • Antiques
  • Hot tubs

How Do I Know I Need Help Moving Specialty Items?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you need help moving specialty items!

  • Is your item large or unwieldy?
  • Are you worried about fitting your item out of a door or entryway?
  • Did you require professional assistance to get the item into your space?

Why Immediate Movers

Specialty items require special tools for safe and damage-free moving. Immediate Movers trains all of our moving staff on how to move all types of items. We’re a locally-owned business that has been moving businesses and homes like yours since 2015. We know how stressful moving can be, and we’ve taken steps to make our services as straightforward and clear as possible. You aren’t charged for the mileage, fuel, or equipment we use. 

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