Full Service

In addition to assistance unloading and loading your already packed items, we’ll also use our own box truck to help move your items. We’ll make use of furniture dollies, furniture blankets, ratchet straps, banding, and other equipment to help transport your belongings safely. Please note that if we are transporting your items to a second location, the time to travel between the two locations will be charged. This service is only available in Indiana, as we are unable to store items or to move them out of state.

Carefully Covering and Wrapping Items
Moving item into truck

Load / Unload

You’ll receive assistance loading and unloading your already packed items, and you’ll only be charged for the time that our team is on site (after a minimum of two hours). This service is available in all of Indiana, Northeast Illinois, and Southeast Michigan.

Specialty Moves and Extra Heavy Items

At Immediate Movers, we’re trained to handle even the heaviest items, and we have the equipment necessary to move these items safely and securely. We can help move your granite, marble, or stone furniture, or your specialty equipment like pottery kilns, commercial printers, and arcade games. Contact us for more information about moving speciality items such as pianos, safes, pool tables, antiques, hot tubs, and more.

immediate movers team moving safe

Junk Removal

If you’re preparing your home for an upcoming move or just decluttering your home of unwanted junk, Immediate Movers are available to help clear out your home. We provide a fast, easy solution for all your junk removal needs. We offer junk removal and recycling solutions for most non-hazardous items, and we’ll help you responsibly dispose of all unwanted clutter and debris.