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Important Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Renting

For many, renting a house or apartment is more feasible than buying a new home. Unlike owning a home, you are not responsible for major repairs or upgrades. Renting is also ideal if you plan on moving within the next few years. However, when considering where to live, there are some critical questions to ask and things to consider. Below are four important questions to ask your potential landlord before signing a lease!

What is the total cost of renting?

Rent is usually the easiest information to find about a rental property. But rent isn’t the only thing you pay. You’re also responsible for utilities, like gas and water, internet, pet rent and more. In addition, some properties also charge a pest fee each month. These additional fees can add hundreds of dollars to your monthly rent! 

Additionally, the rental property will handle some of these expenses and add them to your monthly bill, while other costs will have to be set up and managed by third parties. For example, your electricity is likely handled by the utility company, while your apartment complex might add your water and sewage bill to your rent. You must know where, when, and how everything gets billed.

How quickly does your maintenance team address requests?

Your landlord or property owner is responsible for major repairs in your rental home, like water heater breakdowns, plumbing issues and flooring problems. Apartment complexes usually have on-site maintenance, while rental houses may contract maintenance companies. Regardless of the system, you should know how quickly the maintenance team addresses requests! You don’t want to rent from a company that takes two to three months to fix leaky pipes.

What are the pet restrictions and costs?

You love your furry friends. But some rentals don’t allow pets, while others have pet deposits, pet rent and breed restrictions. So before signing a lease, you need to know what pets you’re allowed to have and how much you’ll have to pay upfront and monthly.

What are the lease terms about guests, pests and other things?

Your lease agreement is likely very long – sometimes even 30 pages or longer! But it’s crucial to read your lease agreement carefully before signing it. As you read it, you should ask any questions you have. For example, what are the terms for guests? Some leases allow guests for a certain number of days, while others require you to inform the landlord before having guests. Pests are another part of most leases! Some leases require you to pay for pest control, while others list what pests they cover.

3 Things to Look for Online Before Renting

You should ask every question you can think of before renting a house or apartment! But some of your questions are likely answered on the rental company’s website or other sites. So look for these pieces of information to be better informed before renting.

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