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Don’t Get Scammed: How to Avoid Hidden Moving Fees

Moving is one of the most exciting times, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Professional moving companies make it much more straightforward, but some have hidden fees. These expenses can add up quickly. Below, the experts at Immediate Movers & Storage provide helpful tips to avoid hidden moving fees.

Consider what you need, and choose the appropriate package

Some moves require full-service moving support, which includes help packing items, while others just need load/unload services. The right moving services for you will depend on a lot of factors. Here are a few to consider.

Take apart the more oversized items if you can!

Many companies charge extra to disassemble and reassemble furniture, shelving and other items. Instead, save money by taking these items apart on your own. For example, you might want to take apart shelving units, large sectionals and other system-style furniture. 

Pack and make the short trips on your own

Full-service moving includes help packing up your belongings, which costs more than just loading and unloading items you pack yourself. Packing your house can save money and avoid extra fees. For example, boxes of kitchen supplies and bedding are easy to pack and move in your vehicle. That way, you can pay only for what you need, like loading/unloading services for specific items.

Consider timing

Different times of year – and even times of day – can influence the pricing of moving fees. For example, summer is usually more expensive because more people move during that season. Additionally, more people try to move on weekends, so some companies charge more for weekend moves. And even morning vs. evening prices can vary! Look for a moving company with transparent pricing. 

Consider pricing type

Moving companies use various pricing types. Some companies charge a flat rate, which covers a certain amount of services, timing and distance. Others charge by the hour, starting as soon as the movers leave their business. And others charge only by the hour for actual work – which is the case with Immediate Movers & Storage. We don’t charge for driving to the home, only for the time we’re working.

Check the contract!

Some moving companies try to hide their fees or make it difficult for you to know the actual cost of your move. Look at the company’s fee list or the details in the estimate to find out what the company charges for mileage, fuel and equipment. Or choose Immediate Movers & Storage – we don’t charge for mileage, fuel or equipment! We only charge for our time on the job. 

Other Moving Expenses to Consider

Above, we’ve explored some of the professional moving service fees. But there are other fees associated with moving that you should keep in mind! Here are a few.

If you’re ready to move with a professional company with transparent pricing and friendly movers, schedule your move with Immediate Movers & Storage today!