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Can You Get More Space At Home With Minimalism?

Minimalism is a style that says less is more. It exists in art, media and the home. For some people, it’s an entire lifestyle, but for others, it’s a way to keep their space clean and inviting. Minimalist styles can even make the area feel bigger. Below, we look at different minimalism trends and how they can improve your space. 

Minimalism Trends and How They Can Enhance Your Space

Opt for neutral colors.

Using lighter, neutral colors to decorate your space makes the room bright and open. Use taupe, natural wood colors, white and lighter shades of gray to create a cohesive theme throughout your space. In addition to painting your walls with these colors, look for pillows, furniture, bedding and frames that match or complement them.

Turn practical items into decor.

Sometimes, we simply can’t part with our favorite belongings. A minimalist trend is turning those belongings into decor. Get two functions out of your belongings. Below are some elements that do this incredibly well. 

  • Mirrors: Ornate mirrors with beautiful frames are practical and serve as a statement piece. 
  • Books: If you already have your favorite novels or older copies of books you can’t part with, turn them into decorations. Display them on your end table, or turn them into floating shelves! 
  • Furniture: A beautiful and comfortable chair can make your space look inviting while occupying minimal space. Another minimalist trend is industrial furniture with metal legs or exposed structural elements that can serve as decoration. 
  • Pillows: You probably use pillows on your bed, couch or floor. Use them as decor! Geometric patterns, pretty designs or prints can turn your practical pillow into a statement piece. 
  • Plants: Chances are, you have a plant or two (or even more) somewhere in your home. If that’s the case, display your plants as you would display cherished nicknacks and awards! Look for a sleek, narrow table or stand to show your plant. This way, your plant provides decoration while improving your home’s air quality.
  • Light fixtures: You’ve got to have light fixtures, but skip the bowl. Use an abstract or industrial light fixture to provide light and bring a sense of style to your space. 
interior minimalism trends

Go for sleeker furniture.

Minimalism is all about saving space. The biggest space user in your home is probably your furniture! If you use sleeker furniture, you’ll have more space while still getting the necessary functionality. Common minimalist furniture choices include bedframes with storage beneath them, loveseats with wooden arms and tapered legs, tight back seating and industrial table legs.

Let in the light.

The best way to create a bright space is by using natural light. Minimalism does this by skipping the curtains or blinds or opting for transparent curtains that still let sunlight filter through. 

Look to industrial chic.

Industrial chic is its own style trend, but it pairs well with minimalism. This style uses exposed brick, bars and hardware to create an industrial look. That industrial look is practical while still creating a theme that provides decor without using additional space. 

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