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Moving with Kids and How to Make it Easier

You’re excited to move. A new, bigger home will be great for the family. But just like it’s stressful for you, your kids are likely to be stressed during the move, too. Below, we explore ways to make moving with kids easier on you and them. 

Tips for the Younger Kids

Move small items in several trips leading up to the official move.

Make moving day easier by moving smaller boxes and items before move-in day so there’s less to worry about. In addition, you can bring young kids with you to familiarize them with the house before moving in, which can help them feel comfortable and excited about the move.

Hire a babysitter. 

Your kids under five likely won’t be able to help with moving or unpacking. However, a babysitter can keep them occupied, out of the way and safe amidst the move. You may want the babysitter to watch the kids at their own house or the home you’re moving from.

Bring toys, tablets and activities. 

If your kids are at the new house while you’re moving and unpacking, bring toys, tablets and activities to keep them busy. Favorite stuffed animals and electronics, or coloring books and puzzles, can be very comforting for the kids.

Set up the kids’ rooms first.

Help your kids make the new space their own. Give them opportunities to arrange, decorate or play in their new room. This will also give them a space to stay in while you finish moving other items and furniture into the rest of the house. 

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Tips for the Older Kids

Take them to see the house.

The new house will be their home too. Take your teens to visit and help them visualize their future there. What color should they paint their bedroom? What curtains would they like to see in the kitchen? They'll be more excited and comfortable about the move by helping them feel involved and connected to the house.

Give them breaks.

Your teen might have other events, responsibilities or activities when it’s time to move. Give them a chance to participate in those activities, too. Moving can be disruptive, and sticking to those events helps teens feel comfortable and in control. 

Make Moving with Kids Easy

Hiring professional movers is the easiest way to make a move with kids simpler. Professional movers can take a lot of the stress off of you and your family, giving your kids an opportunity to enjoy the experience and get excited about the move. Contact Immediate Movers today to hire the Region’s preferred moving professionals!