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How to Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays have arrived! And however you celebrate, you likely decorate your home for the season. Whether you put up a Christmas tree and hang garlands or display ceramic scenes of winter festivities, your decorations are meaningful. And protecting your decorations means protecting your traditions and your good tidings. Here, the expert team at Immediate Movers & Storage gives tips to help you properly store your holiday decorations. 

Storing Holiday Decorations

7 Tips and Tricks for Christmas Decoration Storage

Start with sturdy totes

We don’t display holiday decorations year-round, so many people opt for cheaper storage totes – but this can be a big mistake. A more inexpensive tote or bin is more likely to crack or collapse, letting water and bugs in. So instead, invest in sturdy totes with solid lids and latches. This investment will keep your decorations safe and secure while preventing mice and water damage.

Invest in a rolling tote for your trees

Artificial Christmas trees are popular because they last for years, but storing them can be difficult. Instead of wrestling the tree back into the box each year, invest in a rolling tote that fits your tree. Then roll the tree away to a closet or garage. 

Keep your decorations high and dry

A great way to keep your decorations safe is to keep them off the ground, which keeps them dry and safe from the chaos of the house. One method is using an over-the-door organizer. You can find these storage racks at most home goods or department stores. In addition, hanging organizers are ideal for small items like ornaments, cards and wrapping paper. 

Use cardboard to keep strands and strings untangled

Instead of cramming a string of lights into a box – and leaving a tangled mess for next year – use an old piece of cardboard. First, cut out a flat section, then wrap the string of lights or garland around the cardboard. This method prevents future tangles and jumbles that can make decorating difficult. Additionally, you can store multiple cardboard sheets vertically in your storage bins, which saves even more space!

Get creative with repurposing

Some holiday decorations are bulky, but others are smaller. You don’t want loose ornaments or nativity scene figures bouncing around in your bins. Instead of buying new containers, repurpose other common materials to make your bins secure. A common strategy is placing empty toilet paper rolls in the bin. Next, put small items into each roll. 

Tackle small items with a tacklebox

Tackleboxes are ideal for storing small holiday decorations and materials for wrapping gifts. Tackleboxes have multiple compartments of various sizes, and their durable case protects your contents. 

Store it where it makes sense

In some homes, it makes sense to store holiday decorations in the attic or a spare room. But for smaller spaces or those without extra storage, you should consider investing in a dedicated storage space. After all, your holiday decorations aren’t just decorations – they represent your traditions and celebrations. As such, you should store them where they are safe and secure. For help moving your decorations to storage, contact the expert team at Immediate Movers & Storage.