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How To Move Successfully During Snowy, Wintry Weather

Moving is challenging and stressful no matter the time of year. But moving is especially difficult during winter. Cold, snowy weather poses many challenges. Roads can become dangerous, walkways can present slipping hazards, and constantly walking in and out brings water into your new home. However, moving is still possible during winter – and you can make it easier with these Immediate Movers & Storage tips.

7 Tips to Move Into a New Home This Winter

Get moving early.

If you have access to the new home before your planned move-in date, move smaller items and boxes over as soon as possible. Leave more oversized items and furniture for the official move-in day. 

Be prepared for plans to change.

A snowstorm, an ice storm or a technical problem like a power outage can set your moving plans back. But if you're mentally prepared for plans to change, you'll be able to adapt to them much better.

Get your utilities on stat.

Make sure your electricity and gas work before move-in day. You want a warm home when you start moving in. You'll need to contact your utility company a few weeks before you officially move in to request service.

Keep towels and blankets nearby for drying.

You'll go in and out of the house nonstop on move-in day. So keep old towels and ratty blankets on hand for drying boots and walkways. Keeping them dry will also reduce the likelihood of someone slipping and falling.

Use ice melter on all walkways before loading and unloading.

Shovel snow and sprinkle ice melt on driveways and walkways at the old and new houses. Keeping the walkways clear keeps everyone safer. 

Invest in professional moving help.

Even moving during the summer requires help, but professional movers are especially useful for winter moves. Professional moving teams have access to equipment, like carts and dollies, which makes moving items easier in slippery conditions. Additionally, professional moving teams have more hands on deck, and more help means a faster move-in process.

Give yourself lots of warm breaks.

Your doors will be open for most of the move-in day. You want your home to be warm, but you also don't want to waste energy – and money – heating an open house. Lower the thermostat to reduce how often the heat runs. To combat the lower temperature, ensure you and your team have access to warm drinks and snacks throughout the process.

Important Things to Remember on a Winter Move-In Day

Moving should be an exciting time. You're about to start a new chapter in your career, family or life. Keep this in mind to help you stay excited through the stress and chaos of moving. Remember that moving isn't a single event; it's an ongoing process. Getting everything into your new house is just one step to actually calling the space home. And Immediate Movers is here to help you with this step – so that you can start unpacking and making the space your own. Contact us today to get moving.