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8 Simple Ways To Make Your New Space Feel Like Home After a Move

A move can feel like a life-changing reset. At Immediate Movers, our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients so that they can settle back into their typical routines in their new places. Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a house, we’ve got a few easy ways to upgrade your space so it feels like home without delay.

1. Start With a Clean Slate

A clean home is the foundation to a successful move. If you have the chance to sweep the floors, vacuum the carpet, and wipe the counters before you move your things, take it! By cleaning the space first, you allow yourself more flexibility and comfort. Knowing that your place is safe and fresh will ease your mind. Plus, this allows you to use products you like and bring familiar scents into the space right away. Family unpacking after moving

2. Turn On Music While You Work

Whether you’re a jazz fan, a country lover, or something in between, being able to enjoy a favorite playlist or album while unpacking truly makes a difference in the moving experience. Consider having a speaker out to play music while you move boxes, open packages, and set up your things in their new positions. Music feeds the soul, after all!

3. Trust the Power of a Pleasant Aroma

After cleaning your new space, light a candle. Spritz your go-to room spray. Cook something that you would love to get a whiff of. Whatever you enjoy the scent of when at home, try your best to recreate those smells right off the bat. It will bring you one step closer to feeling settled into your new house.

4. Cook a Meal Instead of Eating Out

We’ve all seen a television scene where homeowners feast on a slice of pizza straight from the box or Lo Mein noodles out of a carryout container while sitting on the floor of their home during a move. Don’t let that be you. While it might seem difficult, cooking a meal in your new kitchen is one of the fastest ways to make it feel like home. You can make something incredibly simple, but try to refrain from ordering in. Cook a comfort meal to get the feel-good juices flowing.

5. Unpack Closet and Bathroom Boxes First

Put yourself and your individual belongings first. Moving is hard enough. It’s going to be even harder when you can’t find the things you need to take a shower and get dressed for work. The living room throw pillows can wait. Try your best to unpack your toiletries and clothing before you search for the air fryer.

6. Mimic a Familiar Routine

Do you watch a specific show before bed every night? Do you enjoy the same cup of tea every morning? Keep doing those things. Being able to keep your brain on some of the same pathways that it is used to will reduce the stress that comes with unfamiliarity.

7. Unpack the Linens and Make Your Bed

A bed is always one of the safest and coziest places in a home, and you should not have to sacrifice that luxury for a move. Don’t crash on the couch because you didn’t have time to unpack your sheets and make your bed. Getting a good night’s rest will do so much for your peace of mind.

8. Children and Pets Should Feel at Home Too

If applicable to your situation, don’t leave kids and animals behind! They’re certainly just as rattled as you are and probably less aware of what a move is and why it’s happening. Make sure your pets have a setup for food, water, and a bed. Consider taking them for a walk around your new neighborhood so they get a feel for it. Help any children involved to unpack what they need access to first. Talk them through what is going on and keep an open line of communication with them to be able to express their feelings throughout the moving process. If they have a special toy, stuffed animal, or blanket they sleep with or carry around, try to keep it accessible at all times.

For More Ease, Hire Movers You Can Trust

We hope this list makes a positive impact on the moving process. It is certainly no secret how stressful living in an unfamiliar place is at first, but using a reliable moving company such as Immediate Movers and preparing for the big day makes it all so much easier. For any more moving questions, or to book our affordable moving services, give us a call at 574-213-5203.