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How to Pack for a Move: 10 Tips & Tricks From Immediate Movers

If you’re gearing up for a move, whether that’s out of your parents’ house into your first apartment or moving from one home to another, you’ll want to make the process as painless as possible. The first thing to consider is hiring a reliable moving company, like Immediate Movers, but beyond that, there are certainly some tips to keep in mind. Read on to learn top 10 moving tricks from the pros.

1. Donate Like It’s Your Job

Purge, purge, purge! The moving process can make you realize just how many unused items sit in the closets and corners of your place collecting dust. Take this moment as an opportunity to declutter and donate unwanted clothing and utensils, repurpose an old favorite gadget, or try to sell the pieces you don’t see fitting into your new life in your new space. Moving services - boxes


These bags are extremely useful in minimizing the space of thick, heavyweight clothing or blankets. These reusable storage bags can protect against dust, debris or weather when you are in the middle of moving. As soon as these bags are vacuum sealed up, it is a breeze to transfer into a moving truck!

3. Keep Your Clothes on Their Hangers

Similarly, it’s best to keep your hanging clothes just the way they are. There’s no need for unnecessary transition. Wrap your garments in large trash bags or leave them hanging in a wardrobe box. Convenience is key!

4. Use Your Linens and Towels in a Productive Manner

Linens and towels make the perfect plush aide for fragile items being packed away. Use dish towels to wrap kitchen knives, blankets to swaddle lamps, mirrors and vases, and shield other small breakables like perfume bottles with washcloths. No fabric should go to waste. Use your linens wisely!

5. Use Pots as Containers

Why use a box to pack away your small miscellaneous items when you can put your kitchen pots to work? Any sealable kitchen container doubles as a smart space to store small utensils, spices, and other tableware during the move. You can save a ton of space by treating your kitchen containers like Russian nesting dolls. Who would have thought?

6. Take a Photo of the Back of Your TV BEFORE You Move

Imagine sitting down in your new living room for the first time and not being able to watch an episode of your favorite show after a long day of unpacking. That would be tragic. Luckily, taking a picture of the back of your television while the cables are properly connected can save you the hassle later. Why struggle with a tedious TV set up when you could be done in flash thanks to a quick pic? The same goes for gaming system or computer setups, as well.

7. Put Those Empty Suitcases to Good Use

You have to bring your luggage with you anyways, so why not make the most of suitcase space? Fill your large, easily transported bags with hard to move items like shoes or even heavy books. No need to waste a good pair of wheels!

8. Color Code Your Way To Less Stress

Grab an inexpensive pack of color assorted labels. Assign each room in your home a different color. By using the color coded labels as box markers, your time and energy can be saved and directed towards more important tasks than writing on boxes. Color coded labels are a game changer in terms of a smooth transition. It makes unloading your moving truck easier, too.

9. Take Photos of the Items in Your Boxes

It can be so easy to forget where you packed your favorite items when it comes time to get them out after you have moved. By taking a picture of the contents of the box before sealing it, you save yourself the hassle of rummaging through every box in your house looking for one thing. You will have a good sense of what’s where when it comes time to unload just because of a top-view snapshot. Bonus points if you print and attach photos to each box’s lid. moving process

10. Above All, Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Moving can be stressful. Whatever the circumstances of your move, don’t let it worry you too much. Prepare as much as you can and then remember that Immediate Movers is here to help!