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Top 5 Growing Midwest Cities – And Why You Should Move There

top 5 midwest growing cities
While the Midwest doesn’t have quite the name recognition of the east or west coasts, it does have a lot to offer. Because the Midwest is in the middle of the country, it’s closer to everything. From bustling cities to quaint towns, there’s something for everyone here. Below, we explore five growing Midwest towns – and why you might want to move!

The Cities

All cities listed here are growing in some capacity. Many have had increased population growth, while others have seen new industries and employers move into the area. Regardless, these cities are growing in significant ways.

Kansas City, Missouri 

Kansas City is home to the Arabia Steamboat Museum, Kauffman Stadium and Kansas City Zoo. And with a history of jazz and a reputation for great barbecue, there’s something for everyone here. With its lower cost of living and growing job market, it’s no wonder that Kansas City is ranked #11 in Best Cities for Jobs

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is home to the Mall of America and 10,000 lakes. It’s also home to a vibrant art and culture scene facilitated by the Minneapolis Museum of Art and Walker Art Center. These factors contribute to Minneapolis’s rank as #27 in the best places to live

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is just a 3-hour drive from Chicago. Located in the center of Indiana, Indy is home to multiple universities, including Butler, IUPUI and the University of Indiana, and major Indiana employers like Eli Lilly, Anthem and IU Health. Indy also boasts an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2.5%.  

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is perhaps one of the most lively and artistic Midwest cities. From the Arena District to Short North, Columbus features beautiful and welcoming neighborhoods everywhere you look. It’s also home to countless nature trails and biking paths through and around the city!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is #16 in the best places to live. Why? With high value and quality of life, Grand Rapids is affordable and enjoyable. Families love the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Public Museum, and young professionals enjoy the job market.

Bonus: Des Moines, Iowa

In recent years, Des Moines has seen a population increase of 18.6%! With these new Iowans come additional job opportunities, improved public education and other festivities. From the Historic East Village to Downtown, there are riverwalks and gardens galore. 

Ready to Move to a Growing Midwest City?

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